Finding The Best Home Security System


home securityMaintaining our homes secure is one of our top priorities. Everybody wants to be sure they are going to find all their belongings where they’ve left them when they went to work in the morning. We also want to be able to take long vacations without worrying about potential intruders. This is why home security systems have become quite popular among many categories of people. Everybody wants safety and security, and when it is fairly affordable, they are surely going to get it. However, not all home security systems are effective, so burglars still have some loopholes to take advantage of.

The best method of closing these loopholes is by designing your system in such a way that no intrusion is ever possible without triggering an alarm. This means the motion detectors should be positioned nearby hot areas such as doors and windows. In addition, they have to cover an area large enough to prevent anyone from sneaking in. As this might be difficult to achieve by yourself, you should seek for expert help in designing a burglary-proof system. Specialists then all these detectors and their range of action, so they know how to position them for having their ranges of action overlapping. Moreover, these specialists can install and connect the video surveillance cameras in such a way that all sensitive areas of your property are in sight. If you also purchase a 24/7 monitoring service, you are going to be able to go on holidays for how long you want, as nobody would break in without getting caught. These monitoring companies have teams ready to come to your place in case of an alarm. As the intervention time is usually very small, they have great chances to catch the intruders while they attempt to break in.

An effective and reliable security system should be able to have you covered in case of an intrusion, but it should also be able to disseminate between a burglar trying to break in and a cat or a dog roaming around your property. There are motion detectors intelligent enough to make the difference between humans and small animals. If you have pets, you should probably get this type of system instead of a basic one, in order to avoid false alarms and unnecessary interventions of the security team. On long-term, this is going to cost you less than having to pay for several false alarm interventions.

Last but not least, the best alarm systems should enable you to monitor what’s going on inside your home from a smartphone, tablet or computer. This is the best way to keep an eye on everything during your travels. Besides, it would enable you spot any other problems inside your home. For instance, if a pipe bursts and floods your carpets and your floors, you can easily see that on your phone, so you can alert an emergency plumber. You might even be able to let him in by unlocking the door remotely. This is how advanced these systems can be.