Pet Insurance For The First Time Buyers – What You Should Know


Veterinarian Examining DogThe need for pet insurance is difficult ignore. Sometimes, Vet’s fee can be very daunting and too expensive. If you decide to buy pet insurance, you should buy a policy right from the beginning, i.e when you buy the pet. It is not too late to buy a pet insurance policy if you haven’t considered one. Choosing the right pet insurance policy and right coverage is very important as if you choose the medical insurance for your policy.  If you’re not sure which pet insurance company is best, check out these reviews from Shield My Pet.  Following are the few tips to consider before you buy a pet insurance.

Get the policy at the early stage

As mentioned above, buy the pet insurance for your pet as early as possible. It is simple. Get the policy when the pet is young, active and healthy. You can get a wide range of coverage at cheaper price. If the pet grows old, the policy gets costly and you may not get the desired cover for your pet.

Don’t stick to any fancier option

Many insurance companies offer pet insurance. You will certainly get a lot of fancy insurance coverage when you buy the pet insurance for the first time. If you choose any policy that offer any fancy cover or attracted by any lucrative policy cover you may suffer later. For instance, if you buy insurance that offers free vet bills or reimbursement of all vet bills incurred for one or two years. When you change the insurance company, the insurance provider will offer the similar policy, providing the same clause.

Choose the policies that provide lifetime options for your pet.

Examine the coverage and options provided by the insurance company

Vet bills are the major reason most of the pet owners look for the insurance. Check the types of claims, payment options and other clauses provided by the pet insurance provider.

There are some limited clauses like:

  • Two times a year – different conditions
  • Once a year – One condition
  • Multiple times a year – different conditions

In above cases, you can get the reimbursement or claim the vet bills incurred on similar condition suffered by pet multiple times. Examine and clarify these queries before you buy the insurance.

There are few companies that offer, per condition – no limit of treatment (considering the claim does not exceed the insured value) and go for the most suitable.

Does the pet insurance plan cover the genetic and inherited conditions?

Genetic conditions are those that are presented at birth. Inherited conditions are developed due to hereditary DNA, which are present at birth or developed in the growth phase. In general, a good and desirable pet insurance policy will cover both genetic and inherited conditions.

Check for the age restrictions

Whether you buy pet insurance soon after buying a pet or after a few years, the age restrictions vary on different conditions. For instance, specific conditions are covered only for certain age. As the pets grow old, they develop health problems. Similarly, it may lead to frequent visit to Vet and increases expenses towards treatment. So, check with the provider about age restrictions and the limits for every age.

Besides, check the extent of vet bill that can be claimed or eligible for reimbursement. These are some basic tips you should consider before buying the pet insurance for the insurance.