An Overview Of The Toyota 22RE Engine


toyota rebuilt engineToyota has been making vehicles for decades, manufacturing some of the most reliable engines in the world. In particular, the Toyota R family engines are very well known for their reliability and longevity. This particular one, the Toyota 22RE engine is a four-cylinder 2.4 L engine. It could be found in vehicles that were manufactured in between 1984 and 1995. This was specifically for the Toyota 4Runner and the Toyota pickup trucks. This particular engine can also be found in several other Toyota cars including the Corona and Celica. It has been used by other companies such as Volkswagen to create their Taro which is also known as a very reliable vehicle.

Why Is It Called The 1 Million Mile Engine?

The reason that this engine is referred to as the 1 million mile engine is because some of them have actually been clocked at lasting for nearly a million miles. This is unheard of in the car industry, but this particular engine, more than any of the others that Toyota has made, has shown itself to provide the most longevity. It could be that it is only a four-cylinder engine, which means that people are not using this for excessive speeds, pushing it to extremes which can cause many engines to fail early on. It could also be that it is a 22RE, with the E representing the fact that it is made with a solid electronic fuel injection system. Other than that, it is simply a well-made engine that was designed to last and it has certainly done very well for people that have purchased vehicles with this engine all over the world. It also has a single row timing chain which can have a much longer life than those with dual row timing chains according to the statistics.

Overhauls That May Have Contributed To Its Longevity

Back in 1985, this engine did go through a substantial overhaul, replacing many of the major components. It ended up becoming 114 hp engine with a peak torque of 3600 RPMs at 140 lb-ft. There were also overhauls to the valvetrain, specifically changing it to a conventional push rod configuration. This was done to improve its performance with the camshaft that was in the engine block. It had a total of eight valves, and all of this could have led to its ability to last for decades through nominal use.

How Do You Find One Of These For Sale?

You are able to find these for sale on auction sites, sometimes from people that rebuild them, whereas other people will have brand-new engines that they may have purchased decades ago that they no longer want. The prices are going to be several thousand dollars, and to get the lowest price, you will have to compare what the different businesses and individuals are selling them for. For example, you can find live auction listings that range between $1000 in $2000 every day. It just depends on your budget, and exactly what type of engine you are looking for as there may be subtle differences for each one that is being sold.

If you are replacing and engine that you have in a Toyota vehicle that can use this particular engine, you can start searching online for discounts and special offers. You should have no problem at all locating two or three of them the look promising. If you have to place bids, you will more than likely have to watch the auction until the last few seconds, just to make sure that the final bid is yours. You may also find them for sale through advertisements that people have put online using PPC advertising, or perhaps you will find someone through Craigslist or Facebook. It will probably take you a couple of hours to find all of the ones that are currently available and then you can make your offer. This overview of the Toyota 22RE engine should give you a basic idea of what type of performance to expect, but most importantly, you will know that you are investing your money in and engine that is built to last for decades.