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An Overview Of The Toyota 22RE Engine


toyota rebuilt engineToyota has been making vehicles for decades, manufacturing some of the most reliable engines in the world. In particular, the Toyota R family engines are very well known for their reliability and longevity. This particular one, the Toyota 22RE engine is a four-cylinder 2.4 L engine. It could be found in vehicles that were manufactured in between 1984 and 1995. This was specifically for the Toyota 4Runner and the Toyota pickup trucks. This particular engine can also be found in several other Toyota cars including the Corona and Celica. It has been used by other companies such as Volkswagen to create their Taro which is also known as a very reliable vehicle.

Why Is It Called The 1 Million Mile Engine?

The reason that this engine is referred to as the 1 million mile engine is because some of them have actually been clocked at lasting for nearly a million miles. This is unheard of in the car industry, but this particular engine, more than any of the others that Toyota has made, has shown itself to provide the most longevity. It could be that it is only a four-cylinder engine, which means that people are not using this for excessive speeds, pushing it to extremes which can cause many engines to fail early on. It could also be that it is a 22RE, with the E representing the fact that it is made with a solid electronic fuel injection system. Other than that, it is simply a well-made engine that was designed to last and it has certainly done very well for people that have purchased vehicles with this engine all over the world. It also has a single row timing chain which can have a much longer life than those with dual row timing chains according to the statistics.

Overhauls That May Have Contributed To Its Longevity

Back in 1985, this engine did go through a substantial overhaul, replacing many of the major components. It ended up becoming 114 hp engine with a peak torque of 3600 RPMs at 140 lb-ft. There were also overhauls to the valvetrain, specifically changing it to a conventional push rod configuration. This was done to improve its performance with the camshaft that was in the engine block. It had a total of eight valves, and all of this could have led to its ability to last for decades through nominal use.

How Do You Find One Of These For Sale?

You are able to find these for sale on auction sites, sometimes from people that rebuild them, whereas other people will have brand-new engines that they may have purchased decades ago that they no longer want. The prices are going to be several thousand dollars, and to get the lowest price, you will have to compare what the different businesses and individuals are selling them for. For example, you can find live auction listings that range between $1000 in $2000 every day. It just depends on your budget, and exactly what type of engine you are looking for as there may be subtle differences for each one that is being sold.

If you are replacing and engine that you have in a Toyota vehicle that can use this particular engine, you can start searching online for discounts and special offers. You should have no problem at all locating two or three of them the look promising. If you have to place bids, you will more than likely have to watch the auction until the last few seconds, just to make sure that the final bid is yours. You may also find them for sale through advertisements that people have put online using PPC advertising, or perhaps you will find someone through Craigslist or Facebook. It will probably take you a couple of hours to find all of the ones that are currently available and then you can make your offer. This overview of the Toyota 22RE engine should give you a basic idea of what type of performance to expect, but most importantly, you will know that you are investing your money in and engine that is built to last for decades.

Finding The Best Home Security System


home securityMaintaining our homes secure is one of our top priorities. Everybody wants to be sure they are going to find all their belongings where they’ve left them when they went to work in the morning. We also want to be able to take long vacations without worrying about potential intruders. This is why home security systems have become quite popular among many categories of people. Everybody wants safety and security, and when it is fairly affordable, they are surely going to get it. However, not all home security systems are effective, so burglars still have some loopholes to take advantage of.

The best method of closing these loopholes is by designing your system in such a way that no intrusion is ever possible without triggering an alarm. This means the motion detectors should be positioned nearby hot areas such as doors and windows. In addition, they have to cover an area large enough to prevent anyone from sneaking in. As this might be difficult to achieve by yourself, you should seek for expert help in designing a burglary-proof system. Specialists then all these detectors and their range of action, so they know how to position them for having their ranges of action overlapping. Moreover, these specialists can install and connect the video surveillance cameras in such a way that all sensitive areas of your property are in sight. If you also purchase a 24/7 monitoring service, you are going to be able to go on holidays for how long you want, as nobody would break in without getting caught. These monitoring companies have teams ready to come to your place in case of an alarm. As the intervention time is usually very small, they have great chances to catch the intruders while they attempt to break in.

An effective and reliable security system should be able to have you covered in case of an intrusion, but it should also be able to disseminate between a burglar trying to break in and a cat or a dog roaming around your property. There are motion detectors intelligent enough to make the difference between humans and small animals. If you have pets, you should probably get this type of system instead of a basic one, in order to avoid false alarms and unnecessary interventions of the security team. On long-term, this is going to cost you less than having to pay for several false alarm interventions.

Last but not least, the best alarm systems should enable you to monitor what’s going on inside your home from a smartphone, tablet or computer. This is the best way to keep an eye on everything during your travels. Besides, it would enable you spot any other problems inside your home. For instance, if a pipe bursts and floods your carpets and your floors, you can easily see that on your phone, so you can alert an emergency plumber. You might even be able to let him in by unlocking the door remotely. This is how advanced these systems can be.

Pet Insurance For The First Time Buyers – What You Should Know


Veterinarian Examining DogThe need for pet insurance is difficult ignore. Sometimes, Vet’s fee can be very daunting and too expensive. If you decide to buy pet insurance, you should buy a policy right from the beginning, i.e when you buy the pet. It is not too late to buy a pet insurance policy if you haven’t considered one. Choosing the right pet insurance policy and right coverage is very important as if you choose the medical insurance for your policy.  If you’re not sure which pet insurance company is best, check out these reviews from Shield My Pet.  Following are the few tips to consider before you buy a pet insurance.

Get the policy at the early stage

As mentioned above, buy the pet insurance for your pet as early as possible. It is simple. Get the policy when the pet is young, active and healthy. You can get a wide range of coverage at cheaper price. If the pet grows old, the policy gets costly and you may not get the desired cover for your pet.

Don’t stick to any fancier option

Many insurance companies offer pet insurance. You will certainly get a lot of fancy insurance coverage when you buy the pet insurance for the first time. If you choose any policy that offer any fancy cover or attracted by any lucrative policy cover you may suffer later. For instance, if you buy insurance that offers free vet bills or reimbursement of all vet bills incurred for one or two years. When you change the insurance company, the insurance provider will offer the similar policy, providing the same clause.

Choose the policies that provide lifetime options for your pet.

Examine the coverage and options provided by the insurance company

Vet bills are the major reason most of the pet owners look for the insurance. Check the types of claims, payment options and other clauses provided by the pet insurance provider.

There are some limited clauses like:

  • Two times a year – different conditions
  • Once a year – One condition
  • Multiple times a year – different conditions

In above cases, you can get the reimbursement or claim the vet bills incurred on similar condition suffered by pet multiple times. Examine and clarify these queries before you buy the insurance.

There are few companies that offer, per condition – no limit of treatment (considering the claim does not exceed the insured value) and go for the most suitable.

Does the pet insurance plan cover the genetic and inherited conditions?

Genetic conditions are those that are presented at birth. Inherited conditions are developed due to hereditary DNA, which are present at birth or developed in the growth phase. In general, a good and desirable pet insurance policy will cover both genetic and inherited conditions.

Check for the age restrictions

Whether you buy pet insurance soon after buying a pet or after a few years, the age restrictions vary on different conditions. For instance, specific conditions are covered only for certain age. As the pets grow old, they develop health problems. Similarly, it may lead to frequent visit to Vet and increases expenses towards treatment. So, check with the provider about age restrictions and the limits for every age.

Besides, check the extent of vet bill that can be claimed or eligible for reimbursement. These are some basic tips you should consider before buying the pet insurance for the insurance.

Should You Consider A Joint Paint Supplement For Your Dog?


dog healthOne of the unfortunate realities of life for all dog owners is that almost every dog will develop arthritis to some extent as it gets older. Dog joint disease is an extremely common problem in all breeds of dogs. Although large dogs suffer from this disease to a greater extent than do smaller breed dogs, it is an affliction that virtually all canines have somewhat in their later years.

One of most crucial things to understand about arthritis and dog joint health, in general, is that the weight of the animal has a tremendous impact on how severe the symptoms will be from the disease. Heavier dogs, whether that extra weight comes from the fact they are a big breed dog, or for reasons that they are simply overweight suffer greatly as the diseased joints are put under greater stress due to the added weight.

Therefore, all pet owners must understand that keeping their animals fit and trim is one of their greatest responsibilities on ensuring proper joint health in their animals. Just as with people, it becomes more and more difficult to keep the extra weight off of animals as they age.

Senior dogs have a lower metabolism than they did when they were younger. Therefore, it requires less food to maintain the same body weight. It may be difficult to put your older dog on a diet, but it’s extremely vital to understand the health impact the extra weight has on him or her.

Another crucial activity pet owners can do to alleviate some of the symptoms and pain from joint arthritis is giving their animal proper amounts of exercise. If too little exercise is provided, then the muscles become weak and allow the joints to become unstable. This causes the animal even more pain due to the arthritis disease inside the joints. When the proper amount of exercise is provided to dogs, their muscles respond well to provide support to the joints. This keeps them from moving in ways they should not and thus minimizes the pain and impact of joint arthritis.


Lastly, most veterinarians nowadays suggest giving dogs with osteoarthritis a supplement product called glucosamine, sometimes with MSM added. This product does not simply mask or hide the pain as do its prescription counterparts. Instead, the supplement rebuilds and regenerates the damaged tissue within the joints that arthritis in fact causes. This rebuilding process can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months before benefits are seen in the animal.

It’s very important that once the supplementation process using glucosamine begins, that pet owners continue the process at least for three months to ensure the supplement has enough time to aid the body in rebuilding the damaged tissues.

These tips should help pet owners in ensuring proper joint health in their dogs as they develop osteoarthritis in their later years of life.

Finding the Best Hyaluronic Acid Serums – What’s the BIG Secret?


beautyIf you are looking for the best hyaluronic acid serums possible, then this article will certainly help you find them. Most products on the market today are designed completely wrong and they have not been proven by any means to be effective, but this article will reveal which type is worth using.

In the world of skin care today, it seems like anything that has been found to be beneficial for the skin is simply added to a product and sold to the public. Skin care companies assume that people will buy these products because they contain a certain substance that the skin ultimately should have more of.

But because most consumers do not take the time to properly research what they are looking to do, they are easily led to believe that topical products containing the substances that they want more of in their skin are effective. Unfortunately though, improving the structure of your skin is not that simple….

The best-selling hyaluronic acid serums are probably ones that contain HA as an actual ingredient simply because they just sound like effective solutions. If you want more of something in your skin, why not use a topical product that contains it, right?

Hyaluronic acid, just like collagen and elastin, cannot be applied topically to your skin. The problem is the size of molecules. They are just too big to be absorbed by your skins epidermis (the outer layer). What this means for you is that hyaluronic acid serum will simply wash away from your skin next time you bathe or shower.

What most skin care companies do not tell you though is that most sized HA molecules are too large to penetrate through your skin. Only the smallest ones have a chance of being absorbed through the epidermis, while the rest of them have no shot whatsoever. In fact, large-sized HA molecules are even thought to reduce tissue repair since they send a message to the body that no repair is needed.

The best hyaluronic acid serums should really just contain ingredients that stop the degradation of existing HA that your body creates on it’s own. Your body cannot make as much of this substance as you get older, but ingredients like Phytessence Wakame can actually stop the activity of the enzyme hyaluronidase which is primarily responsible for breaking down HA. As a result, you will have much plumper skin that is more supple, smooth, and youthful.